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Ranarex "Bad Turn" Official Video Clip
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Ranarex "Bad Turn" Official Video Clip

Ranarex has released for the first time a complete new Live Session recorded in Mexico City. Songs from past albums in a whole new interpretation with a Live String quartet and the full band. To listen just click below.



With a mature, profound sound. Ranarex releases now this powerful, engaging album, which combines alternative indie rock with Latin rythms.

 Liberation moves in unexpected ways teasing and releasing, always surprising. 


After the EP "Debut" and his first LP "Rockocó" Ranarex presents now a new production entitled "Liberation". It shows a time of evolution captured from journeys and experiences. With long treads from places as remote as Sweden, it mixes  distance within space with unconcealed latin roots. Musicians from different countries such as Venezuela, Paraguay, Argentina, Greece, Sweden and México  have been involved in the project since 2006. Ranarex maintains his rock base, though the playfulness of musical colors like mariachi, cumbia or ranchera take the project elsewhere. Unable to deny a constant change, Ranarex emerges again via this Liberation and the result is a unique sound which oscillates between an english indie rock flavor and the echoes of recondite corners of mestizo villages. 





I was born in Mexico City but have spent a great deal of my life in New York, Europe and other places in Latinamerica. Projects such as Barra Libre, Rana Santacruz, Timothy Brownie, Playa Magenta are only a few which I have taken part in as a singer, electric guitarist and violinist. Over the years I've had the chance to share stages with artists and bands like Kinky and Zoé in the United States and Mexico, Bowery Ballroom and Shae’s Stadium. It's been a long journey full of colors, people and stories around Mexico, the US and Europe. I feel tremendously lucky to have been able to try out new and constantly changing audiences in the New York Scene and later in countries like Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Portugal and the UK. I believe this has helped me find my own thread of sound. Liberation is an experiment of journeys and emotions, rythms and colors. It is worthwhile to let oneself go and find in the vast map of sounds, the one which you can connect to. 

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